Monday, September 2, 2013

Top 10 Musings on a 26 Hour Road Trip

So here are some things that I observed on my week long adventure to the Pacific Northwest.....

1.) The I-80 corridor across Wyoming is less nerve racking than expected. In fact it was very similar as far as road travel to crossing the flint hills of Kansas.

2.) The I-84 corridor across Oregon was more nerve racking than expected with several steep inclines, dramatic declines and hairpin curves on said declines. As well as several miles with a large river on one side and steep cliffs on the other.  Fun, beautiful, but nerve racking.

3.) I can drive across the I-84 corridor of Idaho without stopping. Sorry Idaho- I left nothing in your state but exhaust and purchased nothing to support your economy.

4.) The same stretch of Idaho is the Pacific Northwest equivalent of crossing western Kansas.

5.) I passed 26 Airstream campers.  I am a bit obsessed with these silver beauties.

6.) There are rude, inconsiderate, or just plain idiotic drivers everywhere- in every state.  However, on this particular trip the licences plate said Utah more frequently.

7.) In heavy traffic it really does not matter how close someone rides your bumper to encourage you to get over. With a camper in front and two semi's beside.... never going to win that battle.  People need to be more patient in said situations. 

8.) After this trip I have an even greater respect for the truck drivers who do this all the time.  I also found that when you were considerate of them (slowing so that they can get over and pass; flashing lights to indicate they are clear to come over, accelerating to get past them quickly) they will often return the courtesy.  Additionally in case you didn't know (and evidently there are a lot of people who don't) when passing a semi on a descent (incline of any significance) DO NOT- I repeat DO NOT get back over into the lane in front of them unless you are about 3 car lengths past at least.  Avoid getting into the lane in front of them until after the descent if possible.  Only in an emergency situation should you get in front with a small or minimal distance to spare. 

9.) 500 miles on a single take of gas is a long way; 1700+ miles is a long way; 26 hours is a really long time in a car by yourself!  You tend to a get a little slap happy and find strange ways to entertain yourself!

10.) Once you are within about 40 miles of any major city; if you scan through the radio stations YOU WILL find an 80's tune that you can rock out to and illicit a barrage of looks from passing motorists that will amuse you. :)

This has been the top ten musings from my cross country trek!  Hope it made you giggle at least! Plus one... In Oregon it is against the law to pump your own gas. Stay in your car people! Trust me.