Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Be Safe

I cannot take credit for this phrase that echoed through the halls outside of my classrooms on the last day of the school week. In fact, I heard it at a conference presentation before I became a teacher. It was a touching story about a teacher who often said this to her students, but added at the end.... "because bad things happen to good people who make bad decisions."
It is true, and that day at the conference the phrase stuck inside of my head. When I began teaching saying this phrase became a part of my normal routine. By the end of the first year, I really only said the first two lines, and the students often said the last. This continued on for the next four years.
Although I will not be there to say this simple phrase to those students any longer, I do so hope that they continue to say it to themselves, their friends, my former co-workers, their families; because it is so very true- bad things do happen, and they often happen when we make bad decisions.
So, for my students both past and future; for my coworkers and friends both past and future; for all of the GOOD, WONDERFUL, SPECIAL people who have come into my life at anytime....

Be Safe,
Be Smart,
Make Good Decisions!

The Leaving of Room 215

Dear Room 215,                                                          May 28, 2013

     Well, it has been five years since I first started calling you my second home.  Over those five years I brought in objects to brighten you up, make you feel warm and inviting, filled you with books so that a variety of information could be found; now I have closed your door for the last time.  I have left the next occupant a few of those treasured items as my next adventure will not require them.  I hope that they will continue to be of use to those bright faces that will continue to pass through your door long after I am gone. 
     To those students of room 215, there are so many memories that I will keep with me as I go forward, and I hope that you will keep as well.  There were smiles, laughter, tears, frustration, light bulb moments, and hopefully growth and learning.  All of that remains long after the door closes as each of us moves on to the next adventure in our lives, as we all must eventually move on at some time.  
    To my coworkers and friends that reside in the rooms around 215, you will be sorely missed.  You were inspirational, supportive, helpful, and so entertaining in the last five years.  There are so many wonderful things that we did together that I know will never be duplicated anywhere else.  Those moments are as unique as the invidual people who created and particpated in them.  What other staff would dance in the halls to get kids to go to class.... I can't imagine that there are too many!
    I will always look back on these five years and remember "Beginnings are hard, endings are sad, but it is the middle part that makes it all worth it!"

It was indeed worth it!

All the best,

Ms. Gilligan
The teacher in Room 215

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Beginings

In the new "digital world" there are so many ways to keep connected to people, no matter where they may go.  As I begin my new adventure in life, there is the possibility that people I have met along the way would also like to check in and see what I am up to. So, I thought I would try blogging, why you may ask... because: 

First and foremost in my life has been teaching, long before I ever gained the official title.  However, after five years of teaching in a rural Kansas community, I have decided to set off on a new adventure...... destinations yet unknown....... and this is where I will share my journey and teach in a new way.