Sunday, July 28, 2013

Almost....... Almost.......

Well, here is the news- I am still waiting :)

However, I am sure enjoying the time while I have it.  I did receive and email that my application was being considered for a position at a stateside base school.  My gut feeling is that this is just the beginning of the process and things will start getting interesting soon.   I promise that I will keep this blog as updated as I can with developments and news as I receive them.

I am spending the next week helping my cousin, who I am very close with, prepare for her wedding; should be busy and lots of fun.   I know that many of you are looking at that calendar and starting to cringe.  4-H fairs are under way in a variety of locations (Good luck to all the 4-H kids- fair time was always my favorite).  That means that school is just around the corner.  Sharpen up those pencils and get ready for a great year that I am sure is waiting for you.  (I would also recommend checking out some of those lovely internet sources to brush up on those math, reading, writing, history, science, music, vocabulary skills... some of them are fun and if they help you start the year off right.... well seems like a good idea to me!)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rays of Sunshine

Well, time is moving on and I am still in limbo.... but, I have confidence that great things lie on the horizon!   On Friday I received an e-mail confirming that application was still active and in the pool of consideration for vacant positions with the DOD.  That is indeed good news.   I am still doing research on other options for the next year if there is no position available for me at this time.   

Always, one must have hope!  It is what drives the human spirit!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Soaking in the Summer Heat

Well, it has been a while since I posted.  There is still no news of a specific destination.  I have been busy traveling the highways, visiting old friends, spending time with family, and of course eating great food!   Life has been moving pretty fast in many ways, and yet it is my patience that I am having to employ as I wait for a phone call or a sign of the next step, place, adventure.   Today; being the ever practical and prepared person I am, the list of the ten potential cities for future residence if I do not receive a DODEA placement is being narrowed.  I spent much of the day doing research on Teaching License requirements, apartment pricing/ cost of living estimates, and looking at employment opportunities that are available in these potential communities.  While there is still a month left in the notification period, I am working very hard to be prepared to follow through with plan B or C by the end of August if I do not hear anything.  Amazingly, there is no worry- at least from me- as I believe that this is the right path to travel, and the path will become clear when it is supposed to.  So until then, I will enjoy spending time with loved ones and soaking in the Kansas summer heat!