Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Be Safe

I cannot take credit for this phrase that echoed through the halls outside of my classrooms on the last day of the school week. In fact, I heard it at a conference presentation before I became a teacher. It was a touching story about a teacher who often said this to her students, but added at the end.... "because bad things happen to good people who make bad decisions."
It is true, and that day at the conference the phrase stuck inside of my head. When I began teaching saying this phrase became a part of my normal routine. By the end of the first year, I really only said the first two lines, and the students often said the last. This continued on for the next four years.
Although I will not be there to say this simple phrase to those students any longer, I do so hope that they continue to say it to themselves, their friends, my former co-workers, their families; because it is so very true- bad things do happen, and they often happen when we make bad decisions.
So, for my students both past and future; for my coworkers and friends both past and future; for all of the GOOD, WONDERFUL, SPECIAL people who have come into my life at anytime....

Be Safe,
Be Smart,
Make Good Decisions!