Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day Thirteen and Fourteen Okinawa

 Tuesday September 17 and Wednesday September 18, 2013

So the last two days were a bit slower in general, mainly because the cold got worse.   We did manage to get in a few things though- like an awesome pedicure!   So in a very nondescript building, up a little side stairway, on the second level is a lovely nail salon. We are ushered to lovely overstuffed recliners looking out at the ocean, covered with a soft fleece blanket and offered a cool herbal tea.  Then the technician hands me the "book".  This is a 2" three ring binder that is full of various nail designs.  There are also a stack of nail boards set beside the chair in case you need a 3-D picture to get an idea.   After sitting comfortably while my feet were cleaned and then massaged, I finally decided on a lovely little cherry blossom design.  I could not see the process but about 15 minutes later, you can see the results below.  AMAZING!  These gals are very talented and did an awesome job.  They even painted apples on each of the 6 year old's toes.

Then it was off to dinner at Arashi that offers a variety of Raman, Soba, and Rice dishes.  The coolest part about this restaurant was that you order on a vending machine! After you select your dinner you receive a ticket which you then take to your table.  The waitress collects the ticket and then a little while later, returns with your dish.  I had the Special Fried Rice which was served in a hot skillet still sizzling.  It was delicious!

On Wednesday some last minute shopping was on the agenda for the day.  While wondering around the department store I snapped some pictures of the economy sized fridges and washer/dryer combos.  I kind of wish I saw these in the states.

This sign shows you some of the translation issues that occur.  While it is clear what the sign is trying to get across, the exact phrasing is a bit awkward. (Second dot "Excessive rubbing of engines")

This is a story called Drugstore Mori, very similar to a Walgreen's but very bright!

We wrapped up our last night with a little Karaoke and Teppanyaki Dinner.  Now- Karaoke in Japan is not the same as Karaoke in the States.  There are several of these Karaoke houses around where you can get you singing style on.  You go in and rent a soundproof room for a block of time.  In this room you can get food delivered as well as various types of drinks.  You and your friends get comfy around a table and start entering in the song line up.  Although the controller was in Japanese, after a quick tutorial we were ready to rock and roll, literally!  Some of the songs are set up similar to rock band and rate you on your accuracy, so you can even compete among your friends.   It was a blast!     

 Teppanyaki is the same thing as the Japanese Steakhouses found in the states.  They cook the food at your table and do a little of the tricks as they do in the states.    After the entree was selected it was time to sit back, eat delicious food and enjoy conversation with our friend that we would be leaving in the morning.   It was a grand night that will always stick out as a rockingly good time!
 Cream vegetable soup, salad with Japanese dressing

 Tenderloin, Onion/peppers/potatoes, Bean sprouts


The night was topped off with a trip to Blue Seal for some ice cream.  I selected one of my favorites- Green Tea ice cream.  

Took a quick pic of the array of flavors I am not likely to see in the states anytime soon.

So this is it.  The end of the trip and it is sad. Tomorrow it is the long trip home.