Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Winds of Change.... Big Gust!

Okay blog readers- I have big news!

If you know me this change will not come as a big surprise.  After returning home from Portland and musing on what to do next and amazing opportunity presented itself. I have a friend who was scheduled to fly to Japan to visit a mutual friend from high school.  On a lark, we decided to see if I could book tickets on the same flight and go with her... and we were able to.  So this morning I will be hopping a flight to Okinawa, Japan!

I will do my best to post fun things, pictures and of course all about the food (squeal of delight).   So here is to a 20 hour travel (shorter than the drive) over several time zones to see a friend I miss terribly!  Can not be more excited right now!   Arrived in Tokyo at 1:00am Kansas time. It is 4:00 on Wednesday September 4th in Japan. Heading on to Okinawa shortly.