Friday, September 6, 2013

Getting a brief intro

Day One Okinawa, Japan: Thursday September 5, 2013
There are some things that are no different than in the States.  For example,Starbucks (I have already seen three in the single day I have been here).   However, even at Starbucks there are some different options.
The first thing we did was to go to the Aeon center- similar to a cross between a department store and a mall. Adjusting to the Japaneses Yen was not horribly difficult as it is trading at $1=0.98 so essentially $1.00 is roughly equivalent to 100 yen.  As you can see from the picture a doughnut was about $2.00.  I was very interested in the bread topped with bacon, mushroom, cheese, and sauce in top right corner- but did not try it.

Next it was on through the "department" store were the grocery section was a bit different.  In the pictures below you will see some interesting differences from American grocery stores; selection and packaging were the biggest  differences.
Next it was time to get some lunch.  We went to the CoCo Ichibanya were they are known for good curry.  I tried the cabbage and mincemeat with root vegetables curry.  I selected a spice level of 4 (I was told that if you have never eaten there, don't start above a 5) and it had a nice kick.

Our last stop of the day were the offices at Camp Foster to get our visitor passes for the Time we are staying here.  Every time we enter the base area we have to show our passport and visitor passes.  

I am very lucky that I have awesome friends in Okinawa to help show me around.  This was a slow first day because there was a touch of fatigue/ jet lag.  More adventures to come!