Thursday, August 8, 2013

Deadlines Approach.....

August 8th? Already?  I just can't hardly believe it!

Well summer is almost gone and the rains finally came so everything is lush and green in August.... this is really messing with my sense of time.  Plus throw in those 60-70's during the last full week of July- makes for a very odd summer.    As I look at the calendar there is a sense of both excitement and dread.   There have been submissions of the resume, filling out of applications, research on requirements in various locations; but destination still unknown.

I get the sense that my family and friends around me are starting to get nervous;  Some are just starting to think that I will stick around and not go anywhere.   Me? Well, I just have this feeling that it will all come together when it is time.   There is little worry inside of me as I put my love out into the world and wait patiently for it to come back to me.   I have confidence that this will happen, in time, and I have time.

Worry not my friends and family.... all in due time my life will get as crazy as I normally am!