Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Great Job Search

So, the deadline approaches when I financially must find gainful employment.  I have enjoyed the process of simply enjoying the time I had while waiting.   Now, I must endeavor to cast a wider net.

The process of finding a job can be both frustrating and remarkably easy.  Given the technology today it is so much easier to search jobs all over the world from the luxury of your own home and computer.  As I begin to ramp up my efforts I am reminded of previous times for job searches and how in some ways they were vastly different and in others exactly the same.

In the past it was about pounding the pavement and sending out resumes to any company that I was interested in applying.  Often the classifieds were folded to the want ads (classifieds) with a variety of ads circled.   Applications were filled out on site and in person. There were clear easy to follow rules:

 1.) Dress to impress anytime you enter the door of a potential employer- even when just filling out paperwork

 2,) Resumes and cover letters had to be clear, simple, and limited to one piece of paper.   
 3.) Always have a few copies of Resumes with you to attach to applications

 4.) Tailor Cover letter to the specific business as often as possible 

 5.) Smile, be friendly, look people in the eye, and use specific names as often as possible

These rules still apply, but the in person aspects of rule 1 and 5 occur less often.   There are still times when one needs these rules as eventually you will have to meet with potential  employers (even if it is over Skype). There are times when a job seeker can be picky and selective, but one should never turn down an interview.  The reason is that interviewing is just like anything else, practice makes perfect.  Even if an applicant is unsure that the job fits what they are looking for, some of the best jobs I have held were jobs that I wasn't originally interested in.  You never know what might become of an interview.  Though you are called in for on position, a potential employer might find you better suited for an unadvertised position.  

The last and biggest rule was always "FOLLOW UP"!  Even of the job wasn't what you wanted, even if the company you applied, interviewed, submitted a resume to did not contact you; take time to send a thank you note or email thanking them for their time and consideration.  It shows a sense of etiquette and may lead to a future contact when other positions become available.  

So now I am implementing all of these rules.   I am putting those skills to use.  I am spreading a wide net with the confidence that I will indeed land where my skills will be best utilized.   Stay tuned, for there is so much more on the horizon.... patience grasshopper.... all in due time.